Something a little different....


For those out there who are feeling motivated and are searching for a slightly different experience, why not come and spend a few day's here in the Quinta where we can provide you with comfortable accommodation, great homemade meal's and an extremely relaxing environment surrounded by welcoming people and natural beauty.

After having settled down into your temporary home, you would help the team with the day-to-day running of the yard.  This would include basic stable management, but mainly hands-on with the horse's themselves.  We would ensure that you get the chance to ride at least twice a day and on a varied basis - someday's you may ride a quantity of horse's in the school, others you may have a couple of hour's hacking around the farm.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to work on a specific goal in relation to your riding, then we would certainly work out a routine that would help you achieve this.

During your stay with us, it would be our pleasure to take you on some outings.  You may like to visit some Lusitano studs, take the time out to admire some of the surrounding town's and monument's or simply relax on the beach, possibly even try your hand at surfing with the local 'Masters'.


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