A bit of Nazaré tradition....

 In the year of 1182, on the misty morning of 14 September, D. Fuas Roupinho was out enjoying the hunt on his noble steed.  The deer he was chasing fled in the direction of the ocean and without realising it, was heading straight for the steep precipice of Sitio, Nazaré.  As D. Roupinho approached what was to be a certain death, he caught a glimpse of what he believed to be the Virgin Mary, it was this mystical image which caused the horse to come to a complete stop just in time. 

After realising what had happened, D. Roupinho ordered for the 'Memory Chapel' to be built in remembrance of this event and it is said that the hoof print's of the horse can still be seen even today in the stone on the cliff's edge. 



                         Memory Chapel 

             Church of the Virgin Mary of Nazaré 


                        View from Sitio, Nazaré

         Traditional fishermen wives' dressed in

                            their 7 skirts...

 Nazaré is only about an hours drive up the coast from us, passing by many other lovely places such as Peniche, Óbidos, Foz do Arelho, São Martinho do Porto and is not too far from the enchanting town of Alcabaça - famous for it's Monastery.

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