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The last 10 years or so, has seen a great increase in tourism along the wonderful Silver Coast of Portugal.  With it's spacious beaches, delightful seafood cuisine, exquisite regional wine and romantic historical location's and monument's, there is a wide variety of market's to open up to.

The 'Sizandro Village Resort' development is located only 30-40 minutes from Lisbon itself, about 15 minutes up the coast from the fishing town of Ericeira.  On completion, the Resort would be uniquely seperated from other development's of it's kind.

Inspired by the local countryside, including a golf course, country and spa club and an exclusive beach stretching about 2.5kms, Sizandro is an incredibly attractive destination for holiday maker's with varied desire's and expectation's.


For more information please contact:

Mr Joao Caetano Pereira: + 351 91 724 0513

Mrs Katherine Burton: + 351 91 702 8534

Miss Rebecca Burton: + 351 91 412 7272 

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