A Genuine Experience....

The Lusitano horse is not only a unique breed with majestic attributes, but also an amazing reflection of true Portuguese culture and character. 

This captivating horse is now being bred in over 15 countries around the world, which in itself tells us just how successful this breed has become and how deserving he is of the world's admiration. 

However, despite this advantageous growth, my experience tells me that to gain a true understanding of the Lusitano and his contribution to equestrianism, nothing compares to the genuine Portuguese breeders themselves. 

Here in Portugal there is a unique understanding of the horse.  The Lusitano is an integral part of this nations rural culture and history.  Not only did he serve graciously as a warhorse, but also entertained the people with his spirited finesse in Pra├ža (as he continues to do so today) and gave headway for 'Classical Riding' through his renownd brilliance. 

The Portuguese see this horse as a part of themselves, one that is worth conserving through their personal dedication.  For those who would like to have the chance to see with their own eyes the fruit of these fabulous Stud's, you would be more than welcome to visit. 




There are 3 principle elements which contribute to the making of a desirable horse and which provide him with the best opportunity to demonstrate his true potential:



1. Genetics


2. Environment


3. Rider 

                               Master Nuno Oliveira 


Genetics are clearly a fundamental factor for any breed.  However, the selection process requires that the breeder have a vision.  This vision will only truly become visible after 3-4 years, throughout which time, its surrounding environment will play an essential role in the preparation for a potentially successful future. 

Indeed, the ultimate factor in this equation is the individual/team who take on this youngster and bring him up to elementary level, or beyond.  From here, you can then consider the horse to be confirmed in his basic training and ready to move on up the ladder.  The riders touch, attitude and technique will all have profound effects on how the youngster develops and what the final result will be. 

These 3 elements are extremely well dominated by the Portuguese equestrian community.  Throughout history they have managed to maintain a typical physical posture clearly presenting the characteristics of his ascendency.  They take pride in their horses, although do not spoil them - as we so often do - and ride them with an honest discipline accompanied by a natural talent for accomplishing that magical 'Classical' style we all dream of. 

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