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Our range of service's and activities aim to provide a little enjoyment for all tastes and during all season's.  For any further information on any of the following, or to clarify any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


We provide a full livery service with reliable quality and excellent personal attention.  As with all our equestrian service's, we treat each horse on an individual basis as to find the most suitable care and routine for his best well being. 


Working as a team, we take great pride in all the horse's we recieve.  Working confidently and with careful attention to detail towards realistic, yet progressive objective's, we attain disirable result's for the enjoyment of all involved. 


On the basis that we aim to provide a little something for all tastes, we are open for individual lesson's to beginner's and confident rider's.  However, for those looking for advanced lesson's, it can be arranged in advance.

For those who are simply looking for a peaceful way to experience the pure beauty of the farm and neighbouring countryside, our friendly hack's over the hillside's and through the valley's, taking in the spectacular coastal view's is a perfect alternative.


With so many amazing location's and interesting people to meet, it would be our pleasure to give you an opportunity to experience this harmonic 'Lusitananian' way of life for yourselves.  Whether it be a short weekend break with a friend to admire the graceful Lusitano while enjoying a bottle of traditional red wine, a relaxing few hour's on the beach and a walk around the intriguing fortified village of Ă“bidos, or a 5 day excursion to discover the true equestrian culture of the Portuguese, we would love to have you.

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